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Our cargo company offers tailor-made solutions to different industries. Every industry has its unique features.


Save money when you ship with us!
0-1LB $4.50
2LB $6.50
3LB $8.00
4LB $9.90
5LB $12.00
6LB $15.00
7LB $17.00
8LB $19.50
9LB $21.50
10LB $23.50

+2.00 USD for each additional lb

* Insurance included for all packages
* Weights are rounded up to the next lb

Book Cheap Shipping to USA, LATAM & CARIBBEAN

We offer economy tracked mail services for low value and non-urgent packages as well.

If you have a package to post to USA , Latam & Caribbean you can use the Parcel Monkey shipping calculator to find the best delivery prices. We offer economy tracked mail services for low value and non-urgent packages as well as expedited courier delivery to enable you to have important packages delivered quickly and safely.

All of the courier services are heavily discounted whether you use DHL or FedEx as our courier partners have lower prices than elsewhere due to the number of customers we give them access to.

Shipping to USA, Latam & Caribbean is easy as we offer Pickup and Drop Off options across the whole of the US, and with 40% of  CaribPak’s trade being with the United States, it is important to have reliable and affordable courier services.

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INTERNATIONAL DROP OFFDiscounted FedEx CaribPak Delivery

For those who want to ship a package to USA, Latam & Caribbean quickly, we offer International Drop Off and International Pickup which is all handled by FedEx.

Your package will then be delivered to USA, Latam & Caribbean in just 2-5 business days. You will get full tracking to delivery and this service is our most popular to USA, Latam & Caribbean.

DHL USA, Latam & Caribbean Delivery

For those looking for the cheapest shipping from the US to USA, Latam & Caribbean, our DHL eCommerce rates are best. This is a tracked mail service, so has a longer transit time of 11-22 days, but offers value for non-urgent and low-value packages. Simply book online, print the shipping labels and Customs Documents, attach to the outside of the box and drop off at your local USPS Post Office.

Shipping to USA, Latam & Caribbean with USPS

Many of our customers like to use the USPS for shipping to USA, Latam & Caribbean and you can do so at discounted rates by booking through our shipping calculator whether you want to post it First Class, Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

eCommerce in USA, Latam & Caribbean

USA, Latam & Caribbean is a popular export destination due to its geographical proximity to the US and the number of shipping options available, plus English is the widely spoken language and the strong commercial and cultural affinity to America.

It is not surprising that all of our services are frequently booked throughout the year to USA, Latam & Caribbean, whether the packages contain business documents to do with tourism, gifts and personal items or eCommerce shipments.

The vast majority of Jamaicans have access to the internet and a mobile phone which has driven the increase in the number of eCommerce transactions, whilst the reliability of delivery services has also built up trust when purchasing from overseas.

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With a global network and state-of-the-art logistics, we offer air freight products with comprehensive solutions for your transport needs. We are able to get your cargo to anywhere in the world.



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