Read and find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our service.
1. Where can I sign up for my US address? Do I have to pay for my US address?

Your registration and address creation are absolutely FREE! Sign up here
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2. Why Do I Need an Account?

You must have an account to use our services. An account gives you access to shop online and receive your packages in your country of residence. An account also allows you to monitor and track the progress of your packages.

3. What Address Do I Ship My Packages To?

[Your Name]
453o North Hiatus Road, #117
[Your Account/Mailbox #]
Sunrise, Fl 33351
(954) 644-2618

4. How Will I Know In Advance An Estimate Of The Charges To Be Paid?

Check out our Shipping Calculator for an estimate of charges.

5. How Do I Know When My Package Is Ready for Pickup?

With your CARIBPAK account, we offer real time tracking to follow the progress of your shipment from origin to delivery point. You can request alerts and updates automatically sent to your email or phone number

6. Do you Insure packages?

ALL packages are insured with our standard courier insurance rate. If you wish to purchase additional insurance for your valuable items, we can provide additional insurance at a discount rate.

7. What are your service rates for AIR and Ocean?

See our rate page here for AIR: (Provide link to the rate page)
See our rate page here for Sea (Provide link to the rate page)

8. What sites can I order from?

You can shop on any website and have your packages delivered to our Florida warehouse. However, we encourage all our customers to shop on CARIBMALL.COM. We offer discounts on shopping; you collect points towards discounts and points can be redeemed for any products on our CARIBMALL website or for shipping discounts with CARIBPAK.

9. How long does it take for my packages to ship?

Packages are prepared for shipment the day it’s been received at our US warehouse, its scanned into our system and based on the service you choose, we can deliver to you in country in 2-3 days or less. Once all accurate invoices are submitted to us you should be able to pick up your package within one to two business days after it is cleared from local Customs.

10. How do you calculate the weight, volume of my packages?

For most packages, we use a calibrated scale to calculate the weight. According to industry standards packages are round upwards to the nearest pound. Example, a package weighing 2.4 pounds will be round upwards to 3 pounds and will incur a 3-pound charge.
For those packages with significant dimensions, we multiply the length by the width by the height, all in inches, and then we divide by 166 to get the chargeable weight/volume in pounds. This is a standard formula used by all shipping companies.

11. Can you consolidate my packages at your warehouse before delivery?

If you have multiple packages coming from different vendors, we can consolidate them all into one shipment for you at a low fee of $20. You must request consolidation of your packages at least 24 hours before they are delivered to our warehouse in the US.
For more info on consolidation please visit

11. Can you consolidate my packages at your warehouse before delivery?

If you have multiple packages coming from different vendors, we can consolidate them all into one shipment for you at a low fee of $20. You must request consolidation of your packages at least 24 hours before they are delivered to our warehouse in the US.
For more info on consolidation please visit

12. What Currency are the prices listed on your site?

ALL prices are quoted in US dollars on our website.

13. How do I pay for my shipping fees?

You can pay for all our services online. You can pay for our services at the warehouse, online and via our mobile app. Currently, we accept Credit cards, PayPal or Cash.

14. Do I need to submit invoices for my purchased items being shipped through CARIBPAK?

Yes. This is a very important step in receiving your packages. To assist us in quickly processing your packages, all invoices must be submitted once you place a shipping order with us. Invoices can be submitted with either of these methods:

  • Our Website: Login to your account at our website and you will be able to upload the invoice directly to the corresponding package.
  • Email: Email your invoice to .Please include the package tracking number that the package is being delivered to our warehouse on (original tracking number). Please ensure this tracking number in the subject of your email.
  • Mobile App: In the mobile app menu, select “My Packages”. Click on the package and scroll down to the invoice section.
15. Do I have to pay customs/Duties on my packages being shipped into the country?

Customs duties are levied on goods based on the cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) values and rates determined by the Countries import customs guidelines. Therefore, CARIBPAK has no control over these charges and must comply according to the law. Customs has the legal right to examine all packages entering their country. If goods require the involvement of other agencies (Agriculture, Fisheries, Police Commissioner, etc) CARIBPAK shall ensure that the inspections are coordinated and, if possible, carried out at the same time. Please refer to your local Country Customs and Excise Department for further clarification on duties.

16. What is the cut off time for booking my packages for shipment?

Depending on the country, we ship on average 2,3, 4 and sometimes daily. We offer a RUSH Service which guarantees delivery in 24-48rs. See our shipping page for details.

17. How long do I have to collect my packages once it has been delivered to its destination?

Customers have up to 14 days to collect air freight packages, after an “Available for Pick Up” notification has been sent to the customer. For sea freight, customers have up to five business days to collect sea freight packages once you have received your “Available for Pick Up” alert. Failure to do so will result in storage fees at a rate of $2.50 per cubic foot per day. Packages not collected after 30 days automatically becomes AUCTIONABLE and will attract an auction fee. Please contact us if you are not able to collect your package in the specified time frames.

18. What Happens If My Package Is Lost?

If your package has not arrived at our US warehouse and appears to be lost, contact the vendor that the package was purchased from immediately and initiate a tracking search on the package. Sometimes customers may enter the wrong NAME or Account ID on the package. These items will arrive at our US warehouse; however, our team will not know which account to assign the packages to. To assist in this regard, we have a created an “Unknown Packages” list. Please view it to see if your item may be on this list
Follow the link for the “UNKNOWN PACKAGES LIST”

19. Do you offer DDP (home Delivery Service)?

We offer delivery of your package from the original purchasing vendor, directly to your final destination. The customer never has to leave home and can place their delivery order online from our website or from the mobile app. Track your delivery status on your PC or cell phone in real-time.

20. Who can I contact if I have an issue with your service?

At CARIBPAK we aim to provide the best service to all our customers. If you have any issues with our service, please contact us immediately so we can find the most appropriate solution for you. You can connect with us:
Download the CARIBPAK Shipping mobile app from your app store. See “Contact Us” and “Locations” page for contact numbers, locations, and email addresses.

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